He visto videos de gringos imbéciles que ni siquiera se toman la molestia de aprender español y suben el video “traduciéndolo” de una manera pésima. Es por eso que lo subí para traducirlo de una manera apropiada. I’ve seen lots of videos of stupid gringos who don´t even bother of learning spanish and upload this video “translating” it in the worst way possible, putting up shit like “Oh! I fell, because I’m Mexican and I’m Fat, OOOOOOOHH”. That’s why I uploaded it to translate it in an appropriate way. ANY RACIST COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED *Mexican slang bullshit you may want to know: The word Edgar is using is “güey” (pronounced as “way”) which is a derivation of the word “buey” (ox). According to spanish syntax a word that has “gue” and “gui” is pronounced as its written ommitting the “u”, hence it should sound as “ghe” (for “gue”) or ghee (for “gui”), if the “u” should be pronounced , then the “u” should have a dieresis (ü). “Güey” (which is nowadays written as “wey” to shorten it) literally means “dude” but its use is a meaning of uneducated people (in other words, it means dude but is really a swear word).