one of my favorite songs right now, of course its not better then the original but yeah check it out i get approached a lot being who i am and i gotta lot girls wishing i’m there man checkit/ and if i’m wrong with ya i dont wanna be right i gotcha gigglin like everydays a comedy night i’m a correct answer never do you wrong/ and i trust yah even though you’ve be gone/ but dont blame for getting little jealous/ its just hard when your talking to them fellaz/ i got that “taylor” body girl you know that i gotcha/ you can call me new moon because i orbit around ya/ your my world my everything, the only thing between our face is just that spaghetti string/ i’m faithful wont pull a kobe bryant on you/ its a jungle wont be “lion” pull a “tiger” on you even know the exact shade of your eyes my hearts ice your number one like yuna kim/ i used to be a boy that had many girls all over the world but they got nothing on you babe its forever just you and me for all of eternity/ i know your stressing but i’m confessing baby your the only girl i want you can be my bestfriend we can play x-men you can be just i can be cyclops cause i dont wanna end up like everyone else hurtin all alone all by myself this is just something that i’ve never felt