a comical video about the rivalry of a knight and a mage the knight says that all wizards are gay and the mage says that all knights are gay so they compete to prove that the other one is the reaL GAY the first one to get a girl first wins… who will win?… thnx to RAH STUDIOS 4 helping to make this video special thnx to: cholirah kaileena345 zethilion jagex staff 4 making this vid possible… youtube users: this video is not supposed to offend anyone it is just a comedy. this comedy does not reflect the point of view of rokaok productions, rah studios or cholidah himself, so bear that in mind IGNORE THIS: zezima, santa hat, party hat, skill cape emotes, halo, ps3, xbox, varrows ,barrows, falador, varrok,wilderness, quest,event, teh noob show,the adventures of an angry noob, galicus, cobaltus, revenant ghost, owning clan wars, Lamborghini, Ferrari, porshe, sword, axe, shield, helmet, legs, capes, amulet, demons, magic, daft punk, dj tiesto, boots, seasonal event, event, random event, member, glitch, free, edgar se cae, god wars, zaros, saradomin, guthix, zamorak, staff, dragon, gilded, dagger, whip, abyssal, pwned, Christmas cracker, troll, kalphite queen, trailer, the fall of the six, freak, master, granite maul, angry noob, the noob show, etc….