Their names are Cantika (friend), Audrey & Gamaliel Tapiheru (siblings). Über-talented teens from Jakarta, Indonesia singing Lady Gaga’s Just Dance sans any musical accompaniment (acapella) Gamal is 19 already (I think) and Audrey is his younger sister (wearing pink cowgirl shirt and glasses). Cantika is the girl fiddling with her Blackberry while singing. Audrey has a very long name… Georgita Audrey Helena Tapiheru. Gamaliel is a college student in Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) in Jakarta, Indonesia. Cantika and Audrey, as a fan has posted, are still high schoolers. Gamal is a fine arts major. You guys should see his school art pieces. Maybe he will have them in a gallery for show in the future. Ergo why I said these teenagers are über-talented. They don’t only sing, they also play musical instruments (in their other videos), arrange their own songs and melodies and engage in other fields such as photography and two-dimensional/three-dimensional media. Future celebs so we should all watch out for them in the future. =) Kudos to Rachmania Arunita for posting Here’ are a few Gamaliel and Audrey Tapiheru links to satisfy your curiosity They’re Indonesians by the way. Join their Facebook fangroup. ================================== Don’t forget to rate y’all!!!! Thanks bunches dearies. ^_^ Btw… A lot of people really don’t bother reading video