Please Share This Video with your Friends! here is your anticipated download… This is my producer JD Relic (he makes all my covers come to life!) I asked him to do a K-pop cover, so he made this amazing English cover of G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker!!!! Make sure you tell all your friends to check it out and subscribe!!! Thanks everyone enjoy!! Please credit if you decide to use his translation… LYRICS: A yo! Finally! Is this what you’ve been waiting for? Brand new JD! I’m all by myself… You’re my heartbreaker DJ. Its still me Let me take this solo… I won’t give in to this no matter what, Still there’s a part of me beating inside You are the one who’s been breaking me down, Dead dreams, lost heart If it’s for you, my body will fly now, Will rush to be by your side now… However when I come around you say goodbye now And why is it that you, don’t even want me now You tell me that your fine but I look in your eyes and they give you away. But even if I give you one more chance tonight I hate the way you stare at me those eyes could start a fight CHORUS *No no You’re my heart heart heart heart heart breaker It felt so right what did I do wrong You’re my heart heart heart heart heart breaker No way no way Hey Girl, I said that we are thru, Yes Im really leaving you To see if you can live without me Cant you cant you cant you see, This is not how it should be Your my heart’s tragedy no way Its all the same every day, telling me that I’ve changed But you