— my bands channel (W/originals!) – 2nd (vlog) channel Heyyy guys So it feels like I haven’t posted a video in forever! Im sorry to all of you who were asking me what I was doing & when I was gonna post a new one – If you follow me on twitter you’d know I was sick and lost my voice I hope you like my cover, let me know what you thought and also, let me know what you think of my new microphone!! 🙂 Im still figuring it out so bare with me.. haha I love you guys xoxo Laura Oh & no – I do not have grills in my mouth or gold teeth, they’re braces -__- aha & I’m aware I got a couple lyrics wrong..hey, I’m only human 🙂 MP3 Download link: I’ll try and make one for all of my videos from now on 😉 Chords: I played them slightly different to the original (With capo on 3rd fret) Verse and Chorus: Bm GDA Bridge and Middle 8: Em Bm DA